Friday, August 19, 2011

MAN AND GOAT SEX LOVE-Man Jailed For Having Sex With Goat in Bauchi, August 18, 2011

The Bauchi
Chief Magistrate Court 8, has
charged Nasiru Ishaku of
Nassarawa area of Bauchi to six
months jail time after having
sex with a female goat.
Nasiru Ishaku was arraigned
before the court by law
enforcement district attorney
Abdul Ishaku, who charged him
with unpleasant offence,
mischief by maiming animal,
criminal offence in contrast to
Sections 330, 284 of the Penal
According to prosecutors, Nasiru
had sexual intercourse with a
She goat owned by one Mallam
Bala . The goat owner stated that
due to the incident, the animal
has become useless. He stated
that the animal was valued at
20,000 Naira.
Chief Magistrate Isa Mohammed
questioned the offender if he
grasped the charges laid against
him, and he responded in
affirmation to the criminal
offense. He told the court to
offer justice with mercy because
he’s a first time wrongdoer.
While Delivering judgment,
Magistrate Isah Mohammed
ordered the offender to pay the
goat owner a total sum of
N20,000 and in addition
sentenced him to 6 months
imprisonment with an optional
fine of 5,000 Naira.
Wonderful, this sexual pros... in highest order!!